Studio or Bachelor Apartment


Are you an Airbnb or other short-term rentals host? Are you tired of the constant laundry, cleaning and primping your unit requires in between guests? We can help.

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Cleaning Checklist

Housekeeping Checklist 

  • Take used bedding and towels to launder it while you do the rest of the tasks listed below
  • Supplies are inside the cabinet. Ask for passcode from Manager.


  • Wipe general dust off bed frames and lamp
  • Vacuum rugs. shake rugs before vacuum
  • Clean windows and blinds
  • Wipe glass door to balcony
  • Sweep and mop floor
  • Check balcony, ensure no garbage/cigarette butts disposed here


  • Change bedding
  • Stow extra, cleaned bedding in cabinet
  • Spray sheets with sheet freshener
  • Laundry Sheets and towels
  • Clean Mirror and put stuff in appropriate corners


  • Sink and mirror
  • Shower door and shower head
  • Tub
  • Toilet (inside bowl and seat/exterior)
  • Sweep and Mop floor
  • Replace towels with new ones.
  • Replace Toilet paper (use instructions for keys to access new toilet paper)
  • Refill soap dispenser if low on soap and clean dispensers and toothbrush holder
  • Replace shampoo and soap if low
  • Empty wastebasket and replace with new bag.


  • Cabinet faces – general wipe down.
  • Microwave general clean up (ensure exterior and interior is cleaned). Use products under sink
  • Counters (wipe down)
  • Wash dishes (use dishwasher and soap provided); dry dishes and stow in cabinet above microwave
  • Clean sink and ensure dish sponge clean (replace if dirty); replace dish soap if low
  • Clean stove top using products provided under sink
  • Remove bad food in fridge and freezer. General clean up of Fridge and Freezer.
  • Empty wastebasket. Throw garbage through chute and recycling on P1. Door on the left. Replace with new bag.
  • Spray the entire place with Airwick spray before you leave so when the guest arrives, they’re impressed J.

 Supplies Checklist:

Circle supplies that are needed for next visit. If not in list, write in empty space. Ask Manager if urgent.

Dust mop Toilet brush Carpet cleaner Metal/Furniture polishes Abrasivecleaners
Dust cloths/dusters Plunger Buckets Dishwashing Liquids Pine sol
Rags, towels andsoft cloths Spraybottles Rubbergloves All-purposecleaner Spongesfor dishes
Indoor broom Vacuum filters Cleaning caddy Disinfectant cleaner Scrub brush
Outdoor broom Stove top cleaner Dust pan Glass cleaner Scraper
Papertowels Toilet bowl cleaner Wet mop Hand washingLiquid Microwavecleaner
Toilerpaper Dishwashing detergent Drano draincleaner Bedding Refresher Spray Garbage bags


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